Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Logos data & Time space dimensional relations.

Logos data & Time space dimensional relations.

acrued data from the ligo data seems to prove that gravity waves bounce around the particulate mass of the universe..
because the point map of the wave in 3D provides the picture,
That the data is imprecise and appears refracted though masses..

We can infer that the wave bends within the frame work of gravity & mass...

What prisicely that signal is bouncing off of is unclear at this point,
To me that is probably the density of sub and higher space.. and or potentially mass interaction..
Logicly this means that mass is held within a 3/4 etcetera dimensional web,

Not only held by but logically placed within that web staticly in point position within the web..
What i mean by this is that the points within the web,
Are of a specific length to the same mass and also flexable relative to mass,
Thusly could potentially relate to black holes being in time relative matrix.

Relating the speed of light in comparison to the speed of gravity waves,
Tell us about the observable density of space and also about what we would call relational strings in space time.



integer floats with remainder theory

integer floats with remainder theory - copyright RS

The float is formed of 2 integers...

One being the integer and the remainder being the floating component....

thusly we need two integers per float for example 2 32bit integers will make one single float instruction....

integer A : Remainder B

A + B = float
(A + B) x (A²+B²)

= float C dislocating A and B by a certain number of places = a float that travels as the integer.

Expansion data sets:

A1 : B1
A2 : B2
Ar : Br

F1 : Bf1
F2 : Bf2
Fr : Bfr

A : Integer
F : Float
r : Remainder

The data set expansion can be infinite and the expansion of the data set doubles the precision,
With the remainder... infinite computation = infinite precision.

Not only that but the computation can be executed as an Integer or as a float or indeed with both.
Relevance is that on computers there are a lot of integer registers; Float also..
Also the data can be compressed in ram without using larger buffer widths.

copyright Rupert Summerskill

Combat grace

Combat grace
the creation of ideal minds for sports and the energy combat gains from nature.

In the photograph we can see two boxers training, We see potential action in the moment..

One would ask the community what would we do ourselves in combat?

As Children we may find experience though exploration and here we display the finest attribute of potential a man or woman express; The potential to adapt to the environment we live in.

Commonly we create the scenario in our minds, Here we do and doing so we progress in experience.
Training is like a dream that directs the future.

"Heavyweight stars Gary Mason and Frank Bruno spar at the The Royal Oak, Canning Town carefully watched by Jimmy Tibbs potential, power & vibrant grace. "

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Microprocessor bug Meltdown

VM and Microprocessor bug fixes incoming..
hopefully microcode quickly also.

Creating a better virtualization header that is:
More efficient at isolating the contained OS with attributes in the OS's to contain secured data?
We find answers to improve efficiency and protect against VM>VM data transfer or to use this for a creative purpose!

We need answers! and science. : Microcode update

"First responder RS"

"Thank you for googles firm responses to the bug, faith in google is high..
The micro code be updated to flush & or contain the the speculative data in a data-cycle secure storage,
Within the framework of cache and ram/virtual-ram?
cycle efficiency would be at most two cycles and a flush Xor bit data overlay,

Bit Masking before and after pre-fetch presents & also uses data - this method would be fast! (c)Rupert S"

"Obviously in light of buffer exploitation we would suggest that buffers after password entry are cleared, This is not the whole solution because the spy program could be resident..

Buffer exploitation is a common practice in viruses and this type of attack is nothing new..
There is no doubt that buffers are a victim of flooding and exploitation; Over and over!
After all buffer exploitation is a logical consequence of their use on a computer or hardware.

Randomizing buffer allocation, Location and encryption algorithm is the most logical choice on hardware, However! how much effort must be made to protect buffers when an attack on them is predicable and logical? A lot we say.

(c)Rupert S"

Google systems have been updated for Meltdown bug

attack mitigation -

"Microsoft issued an emergency update today,
Amazon said it protected AWS customers running Amazon's tailored Linux version and will roll out the MSFT patch,

for other customers to day"

We need answers! and science. : Microcode : update

(c)RS - examination and findings direction of HPC Development - will Random/Entropy drivers help - function examined and processed.

about the bug :,36219.html


A detailed and interesting article with many details; Well written. (12 jan 2018)

Gaming performance:

Gaming performance:

report PDF on mitigation - (requires signing) :

AMD's concern for security lead them to make cache work differently right from the start; Where as Intel chose to pre-fetch kernel & secure data on the presumption that this could rarely be used.(this was published in the past we read about it.) RS

As we can see AMD has a security focus & did also in 2005 when pre-fetch method came up for debate.


"Details of a problem have been gradually emerging, People with AMD Athlon-powered computers say that following the installation of the patch, it is impossible to boot into Windows leaving a full re-installation as the only option -- although some users report that even this does not fix the problem. "

(possibly related to the antivirus program incompatibility)(some AV's possibly! we need a list preferably now.)

Athlon PC patch is being re engineered so that it works on windows 10 - not related to newer AMD chips:

Intel information with sub-tabs (of interest)

On the front of the kernel patch 4.4.0-108 (Ubuntu) bricking some older Athlon models apparently ...
4.4.0-109 is the fixed version; Further information would be useful but is currently too hush hush for full disclosure. - google 4.4.0-109 for more information.


on the GPU front we can see that since cache pre-fetch is the issue that all classes of GPU/CPU & other processor class with cache may well face issues.

Crypto Keys need replacing due to meltdown bug - after patching!
due to system compromise. (c)RS

Meltdown and specter security Firmware update is more important to bitcoin, Crypto coin / Crypto coin wallets & block-chain than the price! read it now and Update

Firmware Updates and Initial Performance Data for Data Center Systems - information on intel,AMD & other components

HPC View of Meltdown and a few patch updates
AMD affirmative patch inbound to secure lesser risk in conscientious market. - good update

As of 23/01/2018 Intel patch to CPU has as yet failed to be fully effective against system instability caused by unexpected side effects :
Further improvements sought, One suggests a better cohesive response between Low Level OS companies like Redhat Linux, Microsoft, apple and android with Hardware developers - interactive people, RS

Power 7/8/9 update :

01/02/2018 - additional AMD patch - Windows 10 Build 16299.214 :,36440.html
15/02/2018 - fixed patch

(c)Rupert Summerskill

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Anti Matter and the universe

**Anti Matter and the universe**
By Rupert S

Essential theory of how black holes come to emit oppositely charges patter from their poles...

In essence a black hole is only capable of being a store of a vast mass:
Of positively or negatively charged matter if the matter does not contaminate with the equivalent oppositely charged particle,
Most probably the presence of the theoretically positive proton(+p) & (-e)electron still allows the black hole to exist with mass..

Due to the fact that the black hole repels oppositely charged matter (antimatter in our case) out of the poles,
Where matter would leave most easily.. (an example of this phenomenon can be seen with our planet and charged particle and auric fields..)

Due to the wind of oppositely charged particles blowing constantly away from the galactic disk; The Galaxy continues to exist..
The favoring of charge displacement by black holes thusly favors the charge of the galaxy itself,
Creating a galaxy favorable to existence and life.

(Large fields of anti matter may exist and even anti galaxies)

Indeed the original events following or within the big-bang framework; Appear to have favored this division of matter and anti matter..
Also the possibility that time is also a wave/ripple and the fact that..
Antimatter may have originally had a reaction to this opposite to matter and likewise been separated..

Simple example of separation : Vacuum energy particle creation, the particles separate at creation.
Such evidence appears to exist for thought and study.

(c)Rupert S

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tree Archaeology - china

Tree Archaeology - china

originator work Cardiff

In the article they examine the structure of the tree..,

To begin with the tree contains the following :


Apparent vein structures in the exterior of the tree... different from modern tree (apparently)

A observation: 

In regard modern trees normally have their veins though out the tree..
(well the heart wood is commonly solid; after all we have been using heart wood to carve for this property for thousands of years.)

A : Observation 2

The mango has a structural similarity observable in the sea...

A : Observation 3

Tree's of the rain forest are observed to have varieties that have Exterior root and stem flanges that may be related..

So bearing in mind the possibly hot nature of the climate in the period we may observe the difference in temperature between time periods may have favoured the rain forest necessity to lose, gain and control heat.

B : 

The Similarity of the structure to mammalian skin and bone structure, tooth, hair,claw.

(You may feel such similarities could happen independently and observation of germ biology does seem to to agree..)

 putting the : (Independent coincidental similarity & Structure : ICSS) world view on the centre stage.

B2 : Observation

Observation of the similarities such as panther fur patterning .. could tweak interests ..

(However observing genetic transferral or sourcing in historic data would be difficult without DNA or RNA or other clear data, Or observable life..
So Finding some may observably be of interest & evidentially has in the past.)


Friday, August 18, 2017

mycolic acids - To Stop and or slow down Tuberculosis Infection

To Stop and or slow down Tuberculosis Infection - (c)Rupert S

TB Inhibiting : attacking the fatty acid cell wall of the TB Germ : basic theory

(to be filled out properly later)

in reference to

"why do distinct mycolic acids play such different biological and immunological roles?"

You know the TB cells having a kind of acidic fat cell wall coating makes me think that alkaline based attack profiling would diffuse the issue, lime and lemon... and other natural foods that produce alkaline environment's within the body cavities and vascular systems,lungs etcetra..

Yes i know you will be thinking that this is another basically Eco/Meditation/philosophy,

However since the coating of the TB Germ is basically based on a fatty acid,
There are two definite ways to attack a fatty acid..!

Alkaline solutions and ph unfriendly environments, Alkaline soaps and detergents!...

so how do we deliver this ? you may ask ? we bind the compound or molecule to for example a binding active enzyme, food type or antibody... (other body friendly compounds/ chemical agents and mild soaps may be found)

Active enzymes that attack and break up fats are attack vectors, they themselves may need the help of soaps,alkalies,bases,antibodies and fat absorbing or coagulating compounds (not so heart attack friendly this one)..

However bearing in mind that drugs designed to inhibit fat coagulation for heart and vain coagulation should produce results inhibiting the formation of tuberculosis Clusters,

Conversely :  the reverse action of forming and then starving clusters of tuberculosis cells would also produce positive results,

Coagulating the tuberculosis Clusters and then basically nuking them and or starving them.

Rupert S