Friday, August 18, 2017

mycolic acids - To Stop and or slow down Tuberculosis Infection

To Stop and or slow down Tuberculosis Infection - (c)Rupert S

TB Inhibiting : attacking the fatty acid cell wall of the TB Germ : basic theory

(to be filled out properly later)

in reference to

"why do distinct mycolic acids play such different biological and immunological roles?"

You know the TB cells having a kind of acidic fat cell wall coating makes me think that alkaline based attack profiling would diffuse the issue, lime and lemon... and other natural foods that produce alkaline environment's within the body cavities and vascular systems,lungs etcetra..

Yes i know you will be thinking that this is another basically Eco/Meditation/philosophy,

However since the coating of the TB Germ is basically based on a fatty acid,
There are two definite ways to attack a fatty acid..!

Alkaline solutions and ph unfriendly environments, Alkaline soaps and detergents!...

so how do we deliver this ? you may ask ? we bind the compound or molecule to for example a binding active enzyme, food type or antibody... (other body friendly compounds/ chemical agents and mild soaps may be found)

Active enzymes that attack and break up fats are attack vectors, they themselves may need the help of soaps,alkalies,bases,antibodies and fat absorbing or coagulating compounds (not so heart attack friendly this one)..

However bearing in mind that drugs designed to inhibit fat coagulation for heart and vain coagulation should produce results inhibiting the formation of tuberculosis Clusters,

Conversely :  the reverse action of forming and then starving clusters of tuberculosis cells would also produce positive results,

Coagulating the tuberculosis Clusters and then basically nuking them and or starving them.

Rupert S

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Quantum Plasma - The new nuclear bomb ?

Quantum Plasma - The new nuclear bomb ?

Science is fundamentally an exciting topic...
However we have to consider how worthwhile our world is while experimenting ! 

Question does #quantum #plasma swirl & move fast enough to #smash #atoms & #selfseed ? like #nuclear #BOMB #news

Simply put the world is in danger from various factors like biological warfare and ignorance..,
Simply stated we do not actually know the exact quantification of a single experiment or run of experiment's potential dangers...

For example if we decode and code mankind will we do better than 2 billion years of evolution ?
What are the impacts of experimentation ? and should we carry out virtual experiments first ?

What are the bonding energies of atoms and what is the cohesion potential of quantum plasma ..
Furthermore what is the exact temperature for reseeding the big bang ? or automatically re seeding quantum or star plasma?

Aside from that what kind of energy/light does a 1 Billion degree energy source give off ? and is that dangerous ?
Is the swirling vortex moving into the blackhole dimensional ... or up towards the bang ?
Vortaces vertices are created with a reason after all.


Since it seems the relationship of this formula is not explained; I will relate you a similar energy formation as the micro tornado and swirling of energetic plasma in the accelerator...

Namely micro-cell formation before and during the production of tornado cells.

In short fast swirling and sometimes air stillness full of energetic potential are the signs of tornado formation or fracture in steel...

In Steel and metal the ordering of the metal aligns and there is a calm as the fracture point is revealed at a specific stress level.. and then quite suddenly the steel stress fractures, first micro-stress fractures and the fundamental collapse of the bending bar,

This happens relatively fast!

Tornado cells are the same; Winds can even switch direction in under 2 seconds and then BANG : Tornado.

Paranoia is essentially caution gone wild and what of it ?

Rupert S

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Data Analytics & Data Science - Securing the web and computers from cyber attacks. though High Performance computing web data analytics & neural nets + AI

Data Analytics & Data Science - Securing the web and computers from cyber attacks.
though High Performance computing web data analytics & neural nets + AI

with the appearance of the petra randsom-ware and the older systemic damage WanaCry..
There appears the unappealing face of modern computing though Networked interface!

Clearly the cost to hospitals, schools and universally loved computers, With important Research,Medical work and personal documents,work and photos .. becomes more apparent to the #Net per day.

Simply put if the NSA will spend millions spying on us, Can we not spend a few industrial HPC Seconds beating a stupid Computer Virus ?

Our proposition is to put the network capacity on alert to the transmission and contain, trace and rout out the villainy.

Use the Neural net security capacity and our own brains to blow the infestation off the pillars of our social necessities.

#analyse the #data #dispersion quickly with the help of

@IBMNews & @cray_inc #DataScience

#Petya #randsomware

Monday, June 26, 2017

Stars and acceleration - Calculating the energies of the universe.

Stars and acceleration - Calculating the energies of the universe.

When the stars curve around a point of high gravametric mass,
The close to the origin point is the destination when vector velocity..
Moves the star, Planet or object in a balanced path... As energy expands or shrinks compared to the rules of vectors..

The standards of energy distribution in a space, Vacuum or atmosphere.

So what do these principles of dynamic vectors mean to us ?

The path of the stars inside the milky-way relative to gravametric points reveals to us :


the average density of gas & particulate.

The Variance of mass versus distance...

The total mass of the milky-way.

The Velocity of the milky-way relative to the universe..

If the milky-way is slowing down...

Relative velocity..

The relationship between the velocities of our galaxy and surrounding space.

The probable location of other distorting mass.


In short the more capacity we have to do vectored mass calculation and thermodynamics the better will be our understanding !

project like : the milky-way project are important to this and for this we need High Performance computing and Boinc by Berkeley

(c)Rupert S

Saturday, June 10, 2017

#Manspreading - (The formation of the legs as to spread them & or other body parts) - the particulars of this contentious topic examined in detail.

(The formation of the legs as to spread them)

(and other body parts)
Man-spreading .... the particulars of this contentious topic examined in detail.

Let's start with the complaint most common:

"Men are in the habit of spreading their legs and taking up all the room on the buss of on the sofa"

"Do men really need all that space ? are your testicles really that big !"


so let us analyse the issue a little to explain a bit of how it works,

First of all man-spreading varies by person to person and size to size and also by situation..

Man Spreading Variables list:

A : how hot it is.

B : How hot the male/female is.. (heat wise)

C : What Kind of clothing is the Man/woman Wearing ? : are they lose or tight..

D : How hot are the genitals of the man/woman ? & how wet..

E : How much pressure is the muscle or fat/skin between his thighs pushing onto the female/males genitals

F : are the upper legs contacting one another on the lower or upper parts ?

G : Is the Male/Female sweating a lot ?

H : Is He/She carrying a lot of weight or walking a long way... ?

there are more; But we will have to define that with more canvasing.


Both males and females are in the habit of spreading body parts; Particularly when they carry excess weight,
Thus'ly there is the important matter of moderation and compassion ..

A reaction is understandable.. but non the less .. both males and females have their need for space & the larger a person is the more space they will use..

Further more there is obviously a need to consider others when one sit's plays or works or travels and sleeps..

In conclusion we ask the public to maintain the constant's of :

& Necessity.

Thank you kindly

Rupert S

Friday, May 19, 2017

Zika virus mutation and the challenges

Zika Virus - Mutation and the challenges.

I have thought matrixed the idea behind the zika viri research and i come to a disturbing conclusion about the problematic relationship between the zika virus and a comparable example the common flue .. and swine flue...

Both forms can prove deadly and problematic for chemical treatments ...

You see the flue mutates between hosts and within a single host quite regularly...
"So what is the problem zika is not the same !"  the problem is that zika like the flue or the cold is an example of cross species parasitical entities ...

Therefore changes between host and delivery host (the mosquito); Both have changing DNA though breeding cycles and consequentially the zika virus must mutate rapidly to out perform host adaptation..

Chemicals that bind now most probably will not perform their job's at a later mutation cycle and may vary in performance over the mutation bias...

The very nature of rapidly developing mutation both changes and challenges the non adaptive chemical treatment bias of research and scientific study !

One sample of the genetic code may not always prove valid for all variants and most problematically not prove effective, This variance is after all  what provides for survivors of diseases like the plague and the forming of man from the suggested primate ancestry.

So what could we do about this ? have the bind points proved to be unchanging or mutating .. are their variances in these bind points ?

What are the inevitable problems we will face in science and medicine of these crucial issues.

Rupert S

zika virus further research

zika virus

most relevant - Analysis of Dengue Virus Genetic Diversity during Human and Mosquito Infection Reveals Genetic Constraints

mutation rates amongst RNA Viri

viral mutation rates and math

The prediction of virus mutation using neural networks and rough set techniques - the analysis engine

Predicting virus mutations through statistical relational learning

Replication and Adaptive Mutations of Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza Viruses in Tracheal Organ Cultures of Different Avian Species

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sensible VulkanGL

Vulkan & OpenGL/ES - Standards and includes

The optimisation of the open GL and substantive inclusion of the eco/power friendly Open GL ES & Vulkan Standards....

program driver include would read intrinsic operating system binds ... (the Open GL standard is sensible)

*flag table*

power save on or off

preferred render bind : Vulkan , ES , GL

intrinsic compatible flags for all mutually compatible functions & the caching and trans-coding of those flags into the preferable & mutually compatible program execution format...

(the function calls will be optimised in stack)

because we do not need the ridiculous situation where high level ES devices that have the majority of the GL standard's being blacklisted from GL programs... or visa versa.

the pipeline of GL is already a transition of negotiation of the sub standards of the GPU and Mesa SDK instruction-sets ... such as NVidia and ARM or PowerVR and ATI

Standard inclusion of emulation and trans-coding of the bindings enables at least support & hardware optimisation CPU or GPU,

Commons like : Compression standards are already included and are across the standards anyway !


The code of the render path would be pre execution optimised like shader cache is...
Weather the code is pre runtime optimises in the execution stack / Dalvac / etcetera...

Or comprehensively optimised at run-time, dynamically would depend upon the need's of the OS, the programmer and or the user,

Obviously pre-caching the runtime stack in a compiled form would reduce compute time and for that reason the dalvak and it's replacement where included in the beautiful android OS.

Shifts in power plan & the available system resource share are obviously going to shift dynamically...
and should also be flags, with user flag's for power use and resource use being the defacto standard per app and system flags as the subset under the user flag system.


at the moment the Vulcan (including the CL and Render Script paths) standard is the preferred rendering path for speed and excellence,

However the feature set system must be compatible with the standards for function and class transfer and the simple programming of the standard ...

SDK's should be simple to use and they will be under the unified feature set list.

Devices with ES 3.1 support should/must obviously receive the vulkan libraries immediately.

In addition older devices would have service upgrade libraries for the easy transport to device of the new standard; To maintain the optimal utilisation and function of all devices.

Rupert S